Investment Strategies

At Trustmark, we do not believe one-size-fits-all when designing portfolios.

Strategies grow out of discipline, diligence, and the collaboration of many dedicated professionals. Trustmark Investment Advisors, Inc. can customize tailor-made portfolios for the varying needs, whether it is based on needs for return, income, or a limited time horizon. We adhere to time-tested strategy designed for sophisticated investors in search of consistent, long-term performance. We take advantage of new opportunities while remaining grounded in the core institutional investment disciplines.

Individual Equity Management

With respect to equities, TIAI endeavors to create an actively managed portfolio of sound companies, purchased at sensible prices, which are acting well in the stock market. Portfolios will typically contain 30 to 60 stocks of larger companies with seasoned management and offer established products and services.

Equity Methodology

Fixed Income Management

In the fixed income area, we seek to manage objectives to generate a safe, reliable source of income relative to the prevailing market conditions and that compensate investors for a predetermined level of risk.

Fixed Income Methodology

Asset Management Program

Our Asset Management Program is a mutual fund model that focuses on both risk and return. TIAI focuses on identifying investment managers with a proven ability to maintain their disciplined approach throughout the economic cycle.

Mutual Fund Methodology

Tactical Indexing

The Tactical Index Program is an asset allocation model utilizing low cost ETFs within a tactical asset allocation process including active style management.

Customized Investment Management

TIAI can also provide customized options of individual fixed or equity management combined with third party alternatives, ETFs or funds.