Our Philosophy

We seek to invest assets for long-term growth of capital that is fundamentally driven by the needs and objectives of the clients. A tactical asset allocation process is used as the cornerstone of every portfolio.

Your Portfolio


Goals & Objectives

Investment Goals & Investment Policy

Time Horizon

Risk Tolerance

Return Expectations

Liquidity Requirements

Income Needs



Asset Allocation

Capital Market Expectations

Tax Status/Situation

Security Selection



Economic & Market Input Factors

Investor Input Factors


Evaluation & Review

Investment Objective

Investment Performance VS. Benchmarks

Investment Changes

In this process, we evaluate the market environment on a monthly basis to determine which asset classes and styles have the potential to offer a better risk/return opportunity. As a result, we strive to take advantage of market opportunities by overweighting or underweighting those various asset classes and/or styles as deemed appropriate, within the context of client objectives.