Equity Investing

The investment strategy is to purchase equities having sustainable earnings growth at a reasonable price.

The Process

Begins with a quantitative screen of the universe which includes the S&P 500.  We utilize a proprietary multi-factor model to rank companies based on a blend of the following characteristics: value, current and expected earnings growth, and relative strength.

In addition, we rank companies by an estimate revision and earning surprise model.  Our goal is to reduce the universe to those companies that have shown consistent earnings growth, are expected to do so in the future, and are performing well versus their peers while not overpaying for these traits.

The next step in our process involves a qualitative evaluation of the companies that meet our screens.  Here we are looking for items that financial statement data might miss or might not be able to distinguish. Examples include the evaluation of specific characteristics and cycles of a business, an industry or the economy, management quality, and/or financial statement integrity.

The last step includes tailoring the portfolio to manage and meet the client's risk tolerance.  Portfolios will typically contain 30 to 60 stocks.


Technical Analysis

Relative Strength

Price & Volume

Quantitative/ Fundamental

Proprietary Ranking Systems 

Financial Strength



Qualitative Analysis

Sector Trends & Exposure

Environmental & Political Factors

Portfolio Construction

30-60 Stocks

Positive Quantitative & Technical Profile

Reviewed on an ongoing basis