Winter 2018 TIAI Article

The growth of index-tracking funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has forever altered the investment landscape for millions of investors. From a mere 80 funds with a combined $66 billion in assets in 2000, ETFs have grown to represent nearly $2 trillion in assets invested across more than 1,400 funds on behalf of 5.2 million U.S. households. At the same time, the share of equity mutual fund assets represented by index funds has more than doubled, to nearly 20%, according to the Investment Company Institute (Investment Company Institute 2015).

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Spring 2016 TIAI Article

The road to financial independence is often times wrought with little investing gaffes. Some mistakes are relatively harmless, while others can have devastating effects on the outcome of our portfolios. Before you begin to panic, the chances are that your financial health is in good stead, but ignoring these seven investing blunders may set an investor back and severely impact their financial stability. The consequences of glossing over these faults may result in having to work longer, lower one’s accustomed standard of living, or the inability to pay for college. Avoiding the following blunders may help lead to a more rewarding financial life.

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Fall 2017 TIAI Article

Very few conversations about investing nowadays are complete without some discussion around event risk. Event risk has always been a concern for investors, but really seems to have moved to the forefront of nearly everyone’s thinking since the financial crisis of 2008. The most recent possible crisis to hit the markets is the nuclear threat from North Korea. Regardless of whether the threat from North Korea continues to escalate to the point where it will have a significant impact on the markets, I think it gives us an opportunity to take a deeper look at event risk and its impact on the markets and investor psyche.

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