Our Process

Asset Management - Mutual Funds

When evaluating mutual funds, Trustmark Investment Advisors, Inc. focuses on identifying investment managers with a proven ability to maintain their disciplined approach through the economic cycle.

Therefore, during our research process, we give more weight to managers with a consistent investment management approach and average returns compared to managers with historically high returns but with less identifiable investment methodologies.

TIAI’s mutual fund analysis focuses on both risk and return.

We identify risk on an absolute level, on a relative basis compared to its best-fit index, by a portfolio holdings perspective, from an organizational basis, and from a negative returns standpoint. We believe identifying, monitoring, and evaluating risk is at least as important as historical returns.

This philosophy translates into a viable investment methodology through:

  1. A quantitative screening process that narrows a potential universe to a select group of funds.

  2. Then, the funds that meet these initial screens move to the final step in the selection process involving a more detailed qualitative analysis. This piece is comprised of conversations with managers and investment teams regarding investment process and methodology as well as a more detailed analysis of the fund itself.

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